SMU RACING getting ready for Pines!

After racing at Rainbow earlier in the year it was felt that the SMU Jimco needed a long overdue larger brake upgrade which meant going to 37 inch tyres, 17 inch rims and new rear hubs. The majority of Pro buggies these days are running this gear and father time was catching up.

With the help of Racer Imports and Method Wheels we embarked on the journey and are now pleased to report the SMU Jimco is not far off it debut run with the new brake and wheel / tyre brake package.

It is the intention to get a decent test session in the coming month with the assistance of Racer Imports Cameron Ritchie who will assist with car set up from a suspension perspective. This will also allow the driver to get some much-needed seat time before the team looks to head to the ARB Teagle Excavations Pines Enduro in September.

Looking forward to getting back into the action in the back end of the season after some major surgery, and seeing what this car can do when asked to stop on a dime!

Hoping to see a few at Pines a happy hunting ground in the past and back for the first time since 2018. Happy memories at Pines.

Thanks again to all of our partners in helping us get to races this year.  Without you we wouldn’t be there

Dutton Garage

Dutton One

Shane Wilson Competition Engines

Mickey Thompson Tyres Australia

Racer Imports


Albins Off Road gear

HJC Helmets (KT Autosport Australia)


Quality Metal Solutions

Method Racewheels Australia

Xtreme DI

Northern Workwear

Teralume Industries

Flexicut Engineering

Dynamic Wheels and Tyres