Season 2021 another interrupted season

Fingers crossed we get a start at Rainbow although one must say it is hopeful rather than likely looking at this from the outside. Pines after Rainbow would be nice as would Loveday and even a trip out west to race wth our brothers in WA….again hopeful more than likely.

In any event we are ready to go racing like the rest of the off road racers so should the green flag be waved, pardon the pun., we will be there…..

In the meantime a big thanks to Benny Hutt form BE Nutts Productions. Our fault he hardly had any footage from St George 2021 but nevertheless he has used what he could to the best of his ability which is good!

Enjoy and again a massive thanks to our partners who stand by us waiting to get a start!

Stay safe and hopefully see everybody at a race soon….now wouldn’t that be nice