Fingers crossed we have a start to AORC 2020

As the world enters unchartered waters with the outbreak of COVID 19, almost all aspects of every day life seems to have been affected. Every decision at every level looks to be made with the objective of slowing the rate of infection so that our national health system can respond in the best way possible.

And like most people trying to understand what parameters we will operate under, we will wait for a decision on the AORC opener at St George. Do we race as normal, race in ’empty stadiums’ ie with no spectators or the race at St George be cancelled? A myriad of questions and answers with so many possibilities – the decision tree goes off the page.

The SMU Racing team hopes that the race continues. We believe that with the correct hygiene protocols, the correct management of gatherings for the race (scruitineering, drivers briefings and presentation where it is unlikely gatherings of 200 would be exceeded in close proximity, and definitely not inside closed quarters) and an overall awareness by all with what we are dealing with in regard to its spread, that the hard work of the St George 399 Committee should allow the race to continue. Scrutineering, drivers briefings and presentation could all be modified so that minimum risk was achieved.

Not to mention the town of St George that could no doubt use some economic benefit of visitors after what could only be described as a disastrous start to 2020.

Hopefully Organisers in conjunction with Motorsport Australia can see these type pf events for what they are – two competitors inside a car over a long course track with spectators generally spread thinly over the course. We fully agree with the measures implemented to stop the immediate spread of this terrible virus but also acknowledge that the economic impact of shutting the country down could be potentially as detrimental as the virus itself in the long term.

And plus we really would like to go racing

Keep your eye out for more updates in what is hopefully the lead up to the the Cobb and Co Hotel St George 399.

SMU Merchandise for 2020 about to be released through Sportzprint. we are pretty happy with the final design….

Good luck to everybody, be smart and stay safe.