SMU Racing adds some firepower to 2018 and beyond

SMU Racing has added some firepower to the team as it expands to two cars which debuted at the Tatts Finke Desert Race for 2018. The team is proud to announce that Justin Anderson in his #75 Tatum will now form part of SMU Racing’s assault going forward.

Both vehicles will race in Pro Class with Justin running a Tatum powered by a twin turbo Nissan VQ35.

#7 Driver Matt Hanson commented, “We are super pumped to have Justin and Owen as part of the team. We have all been mates since the beginning of time and I have been chipping away at him for years now to become part of SMU Racing, but when he actually decided to come across we were all very excited.

“Ace has been a super driver over a long period of time with many race victories under his belt. We have all been racing together since the eighties, so to have the ability to enter races with a real live chance of having two SMU Racing cars on the podium is very exciting”, added Matt

Likewise Justin was looking forward to the #75 Tatum donning the SMU colours and livery going forward,” H and I have been mates for a long time and we plan to do a lot of racing together so it made sense that we get the cars done the same and try and make a bit of assault on races under the SMU Racing banner.  Hopefully we can get some finishes and some results in the process!”.

The team have just come back from Alice Springs in the 2018 Tatts Finke Desert Race. It was a tough initation for the team with both cars having issues.  Matt was chasing issues from the day the team arrived.  Lucky to get the car on the start line, electrical gremlins cut into valuable suspension set up time in the lead up.  After starting from position 6th, the car was running fourth before surcoming  a cooked alternator at the 185km mark.  Special thanks wheeler we were in Alice to Richie Hayes, Ken and the team at KC Auto Electrics, George Apted for recovery, refreshments and moral support after the breakdown and OBR crew for more after race moral support/therapy!

After a faultless lead into the race Ace struck dramas in prologue with turbo issues.  Disappointing after some strong sectionals.  Able to get on top of this issue, starting out of position 30 on the Sunday,  Justin and Owen had made a hugely positive start and were on the road up to 15th. The Tatum was handling exceptionally well with the twin turbo Nissan on song. The SMU Tatum had passed a number of cars before a driveshaft issue put the team out of the race at the 140km mark. Back to Alice Springs for the #75 crew.  Thanks to OBR for assisting in recovery and after race refreshments / therapy!


Next race on the Agenda is Rainbow for SMU #75 whilst SMU #7 is going to undertake some suspension testing with a few wholesale changes being made over the coming month before determining the car’s next race.


Thanks to Show’n’Go photography for some great shots.  Video shortly to follow.