HJC Helmets again proud to be partnering with SMU Racing for the 2018 Off Road season

 The SMU Racing team is proud to announce HJC Helmets as Exclusive Helmet sponsor for the team for the 2018 Australian Off Road Championship season. This is now a six-year relationship with HJC Australia although SMU Racing’s relationship with HJC as a brand goes back a lot longer.

SMU Racing team Driver Matt Hanson was elated to announce the continuation of this longstanding partnership on the eve of the upcoming season for a product that the team have long used and trusted.

“HJC Helmets are a product we have used since 2003, and to partner again in 2018 is very exciting. HJC helmets have long been known as one of the leading helmet manufacturers in the world and to have them again with SMU Racing will ensure that we are equipped with the very best in safety. This year Navigator Nigel Pendlebury and I will be wearing the newly released AR10-IIIHJC helmets. These are super lightweight, super strong and have the latest in helmet ventilation systems. A superior helmet and given they protect an important asset, not worth skimping on” said Matt Hanson.

“The HJC helmets have just come in from KT Autosports and they look fantastic. They are unbelievably comfortable and extremely light, a huge help given the conditions we race the SMU Racing Jimco in around Australia”, said Matt.

Kristopher Trotter, Owner of KT Autosports who is the exclusive Australian distributor for HJC Helmets, was equally excited to continue the partnership with SMU Racing on the eve of the upcoming Australian Off Road Championship season opener. Kristopher said the sponsorship is an important part of KT Autosports strategy to increase national brand awareness to what is already a very well known and trusted brand amongst helmets worldwide.

“We actually contacted Matt and the team back in 2013 as we noticed they were already using HJC. Matt was a big believer in the brand and acknowledged that safety and comfort together were so important in Off Road and the main reason they were using HJC. It is a longstanding relationship with the team that we are equally proud of. SMU Racing have done a terrific job showcasing HJC Helmets and when things occasionally go wrong, like can happen in all forms of motorsport, we were very happy that the boys walked away from their big crash unscathed at Pines in 2015 with the helmets doing exactly what they were designed to do, said Kris.

“Keeping the team safe and comfortable in the newly released AR10-III helmets is paramount and the boys were thrilled when the newly released helmets were tried on for the first time. For anyone who is looking for HJC Helmets, which are ideally designed for Off Road, you can check out our website at www.ktautopsports.com.au, Face book at KTautosports or contact me direct on 0448 568 570.” said Kris.

SMU Racing look forward to Australian Off Road Championship Round 1 at St George this weekend.