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Fingers crossed we have a start to AORC 2020

As the world enters unchartered waters with the outbreak of COVID 19, almost all aspects of every day life seems to have been affected. Every decision at every level looks to be made with the objective of slowing the rate of infection so that our national health system can respond in the best way possible.

And like most people trying to understand what parameters we will operate under, we will wait for a decision on the AORC opener at St George. Do we race as normal, race in ’empty stadiums’ ie with no spectators or the race at St George be cancelled? A myriad of questions and answers with so many possibilities – the decision tree goes off the page.

The SMU Racing team hopes that the race continues. We believe that with the correct hygiene protocols, the correct management of gatherings for the race (scruitineering, drivers briefings and presentation where it is unlikely gatherings of 200 would be exceeded in close proximity, and definitely not inside closed quarters) and an overall awareness by all with what we are dealing with in regard to its spread, that the hard work of the St George 399 Committee should allow the race to continue. Scrutineering, drivers briefings and presentation could all be modified so that minimum risk was achieved.

Not to mention the town of St George that could no doubt use some economic benefit of visitors after what could only be described as a disastrous start to 2020.

Hopefully Organisers in conjunction with Motorsport Australia can see these type pf events for what they are – two competitors inside a car over a long course track with spectators generally spread thinly over the course. We fully agree with the measures implemented to stop the immediate spread of this terrible virus but also acknowledge that the economic impact of shutting the country down could be potentially as detrimental as the virus itself in the long term.

And plus we really would like to go racing

Keep your eye out for more updates in what is hopefully the lead up to the the Cobb and Co Hotel St George 399.

SMU Merchandise for 2020 about to be released through Sportzprint. we are pretty happy with the final design….

Good luck to everybody, be smart and stay safe.

SMU Racing ready this weekend with HJC Hard hats on!

The 2020 season is fast approaching with SMU Racing locked in for the Rainbow Rises 240 this weekend, the Cobb & Co St George 399 and Tatts Finke Desert Race for the first three races of the year.  The car has undergone a massive off season as the SMU Jimco looks to hit the track fully pepped for the long season ahead.

The team are pumped to announce that HJC helmets are again partnering with the team for the 2020 season.  The team have been wearing HJC since the start of the 2003 season and have never looked back.  While the partnership became official in 2013, the team has been a big believer in the brand and always acknowledged that safety and comfort together were so crucial in Off Road racing and the main reason they are using HJC.

Driver Matt and Navigator Nigel will again be wearing the AR10-III HJC helmets with the orange tinted visors with these helmets being lightweight and extremely comfortable. 

Kris from KT Autosports and Australian HJC distributor said, “Keeping the team safe and comfortable in the AR10-IIIhelmets is paramount and the boys were thrilled with the performance of these helmets last year.  It was good see some other first time HJC Off Road purchasers in 2018/9 and give the great feedback that we received. For anyone who is looking at HJC Helmets, these are ideally designed for Off Road Racing.  You can make contact via Face book at KTautosports or contact me direct on 0448 568 570.  We have plenty of helmets in stock so you can try on the best style and size that fits.  You will feel the difference straight away” said Kris.

Team SMU will be away and racing this weekend and again be wearing HJC!

We cant wait…..

SMU Racing lit up by Teralume Industries for 2020

SMU Racing are proud to announce Teralume Industries as official lighting partner for the 2020 Australian Off-Road Championship Racing season.  

Driver Matt Hanson said,” We are excited to partner up with Teralume for the 2020 season and can’t wait to see the full range which has been in design and testing over the last six months.  For anyone who knows whether on the road or off the road out bush, precision lighting is key to getting there safely and, in our case, fast!”

“We have worked with Dan Lindley from Teralume Industries in a previous life and know that he is dedicated to providing premium products for customers that need the toughest and the best when off the road and importantly on the road when getting to where the fun begins.  We will be covered in Teralume from our F350 truck traveling around the country from Alice Springs to Kalgoorlie to Rainbow, to the race car with night vision and coloured LED bars to the trailer with loading lights it will be day time 24/7!”

Dan Lindley, Executive Director at Teralume industries, was looking forward to once again being personally involved with SMU Racing for 2020,” Launching a new product range at Teralume Industries and partnering with SMU Racing as they compete in the Australian Off-Road Championship, made a lot of sense for us.  We are proud of our new range and getting these lights out in the harshest off-road conditions our country presents is where we want to be.  Matt and the SMU Racing team are great ambassadors for Teralume and we can’t wait to be with the team at races including the Tatts Finke Desert race where the team are hoping to make an impact this year”

To see the full range of Teralume Industry products visit the website:

or Facebook at:

or Instagram at:


Happy New Year!

Happy Australia Day!

Getting closer now to the Off Road season starting in earnest for 2020!

The SMU Jimco has undergone a full race prep as the team look to compete in the AORC opener at St George QLD. The team will look for a small shakedown before the April St G kick off with a few different options being considered. 10 weeks and counting, keep tuning in and watch the team as the clock ticks down before we all break dirt in Qld!!

Every new Beginning come from some other Beginning’s end

After an incredibly disappointing season 2019 has ended on a high note with the SMU Racing team taking out the Can-Am Loveday 350.  The SMU Jimco ran faultlessly all day with the new injectors from Xtreme DI doing their job inside the Shane Wilson Competitions Engine’s Ford 3.5 Twin turbo Eco boost which was doing it’s job shovelling out some Loveday dirt over the weekend……

In what was Timmy Collard’s final preparation of the SMU Jimco, being with the team since 2013, the car did not miss a beat with the race proving a valuable testing exercise on a number of modifications made to the car since last racing at Pines 2018.  Credit to Tim on a great final prep and a good note to send him out on.

The team look forward with anticipation to season 2020 with a largely unchanged car and a package that the team hope will be reliable now that final changes to the driveline have been tested.  We are hoping for big things in 2020 with planning and preparations well under way.

A massive thank you to our Partners for 2019 with lots of big races planned and booked for 2020.

Thank you

Dutton Garage

Shane Wilson Competition Engines

Mickey Thompson Tyres Australia

Racer Imports

Albins Off Road gear

HJC Helmets (KT Autosport Australia)


Xtreme DI

AVR Performance

Dynamic Wheels and Tyres

Q Metal Solutions

Flexicut Engineering

Livid Lighting

Race Paint


Keep an eye on our website, facebook and Instagram pages as we keep updating as we look to the first outing for 2020, at this stage planned for March.

In the meantime stay safe over the holiday season and see you in the new year!


Photo credits JS Motorpsort Photography and Tony Donoghue Photography

Loveday 350 2019

The SMU Racing team is looking forward to racing at the Loveday 350 this weekend. Finally we get to the start line for 2019!

We have now put our fuel injector issues behind us and it will be good to race for the first time this year. A big thanks to Shane Wilson, Xtreme DI, AVR Performance, Quickbitz, Tim Collard and Nigel Pendlebury for all their help in getting to the Quickbitz hub dyno which gives has given the big green light for this weekend

Fair to say we have heaps of race fuel and tyres so looking forward to this all evaporating come the flag drop at Loveday on Saturday.

A massive Thank you to our Partners for sticking ‘fat’ with us this season in what has been a trying year and we are looking forward at having a proper ‘crack’ for the 2020 year!

• Dutton Garage
• Shane Wilson Competition engines
• Racer Imports
• Mickey Thompson Tyres
• HJC Helmets
• Albins
• Xtreme DI
• Quickbitz
• Flexicut Engineering
• AVR Performance
• Dynamic Wheel and Tyres
• Livid Lighting
• Q metal Solutions
• Jimco

For those going to Loveday this weekend, safe travels and see you there!  Some cool announcements expected for the 2020 season so in the mean time…..


SMU Racing Race Car Preparation Mechanic

Be a pivotal part in one of Australia’s leading Off Road Racing teams

Position available for competent race car mechanic responsible for the preparation of one of Australia’s most competitive and advanced off road race vehicles

SMU Racing is looking for a part time race car mechanic to prepare the vehicle for 3-5 races per year

The vehicle is powered by a 3.5 twin turbo Ford Eco boost Direct Injection engine

With a top speed of 230kph plus and 20 plus inches of wheel travel, off road desert racing is one of the harshest forms of motorsport in the world, with vehicle preparation and finishing paramount to success.

Races are typically 500 Km’s over two days with the team a regular competing in Tatts Finke Desert Race in the NT.

The vehicle runs a five speed sequential Albin’s transmission with torque convertor and the car is electrically driven by a Life Racing ECU. The team has partners who build and tune the engine and service the transmission.

The team is owner funded and whilst serious, there is a social element to racing.

Characteristics we are looking for in the successful applicants will include:

  • Ability to work autonomously and able to meet deadlines
  • Meticulous in preparation and always looking for ‘what could go wrong’
  • Can go away with the team to races and prep/maintain throughout race weekends including working under pressure during set time pit stops as part of a team
  • Will have a strong knowledge in either fabrication, electrical, general automotive or all of the described
  • Understand that race car preparation and vehicle safety are intrinsically linked

Whilst the role is a paid position, the successful applicant will not be looking for this as a form of income but rather wanting to be part of a team trying to win races and enjoy working with cutting edge technology and state of the art vehicle. Ideally the successful applicant will have little or no immediate family commitments and enjoy competitive motor racing.

The last race of 2019 will be September and first race 2020 will be March. Vehicle is currently based in Tullamarine, Victoria

Applicants should forward a CV or an email outlining their skill set and relevant experience to

Enquires can be made on 0414 850 770 to Matt Hanson

For more information see:


HJC Helmets and SMU Racing, a partnership standing the test of time, looking forward to the 2019 Off Road season

The SMU Racing team is very proud to announce HJC Helmets as Exclusive Helmet sponsor for the team for the 2019 Australian Off Road Championship season.  This is the seventh official season that HJC and SMU Racing have partnered although the team have been using HJC helmets for 16 years now.  

SMU Racing team Driver Matt Hanson was elated to announce the continuation of this longstanding partnership as the upcoming season approaches for a product that the team have long used and trusted.

“HJC Helmets are a product we have used since 2003, so to partner again in 2019 is very exciting.  HJC helmets have long been known, as one of the leading helmet manufacturers in the world and to wear them in 2019 will ensure that we are equipped with the very best in safety. Navigator Nigel Pendlebury and I will be wearing the AR10-III HJC helmets.  We use the orange tinted visors with these helmets being lightweight, extremely comfortable and well ventilated which are all non negotiable for Off Road! Helmets are not something that you skimp on given how long you have them and when it all goes wrong you want to know that you have the best in protection”said Matt.

Kristopher Trotter, Owner of KT Autosports – exclusive Australian distributor for HJC Helmets, was equally excited to continue the partnership with SMU Racing as the 2019 season approaches.  Kristopher said the sponsorship is an important part of KT Autosports strategy to increase national brand awareness of this well-known and trusted worldwide helmet brand.

“We actually contacted Matt and the team back in 2013 as we noticed they were already using HJC.  Matt was a big believer in the brand and acknowledged that safety and comfort together were so important in Off Road and the main reason they were using HJC.  It is a longstanding relationship with the team that we are equally proud of.  SMU Racing are proud ambassadors for HJC Helmets and we are proud to know that our helmets are the helmet of choice when pines trees are going past like a video game on fast forward!!”, said Kris.

“Keeping the team safe and comfortable in the AR10-IIIhelmets is paramount and the boys were thrilled with the performance of these helmets last year.  It was good see some other first time HJC Off Road purchasers in 2018 give the great feedback that we received. For anyone who is looking for HJC Helmets, which are ideally designed for off road racing , you can make contact via Face book at KTautosports or contact me direct on 0448 568 570.  We have plenty of helmets in stock so you can try on the best style and size that fits.  You will feel the difference straight away”said Kris.

SMU Racing are looking to most likely start their 2019 season at Rainbow short course in March where there is believed to be a club component of the event which will be a perfect shakedown before heading to St George Queensland for AORC Round 1.

SMU Racing #7 finishes the year on a high note

The 2018 Off Road Racing season has come to an end for the SMU Racing #7 Jimco with the car continuing to find some gains throughout the year.  The team entered four races for the year winning two races and three prologues. Finke Desert Race was the disappointment with a car that wasn’t quite right from a set up perspective. Importantly the team spent some crucial time suspension testing with a new set up debuting at Pines with great success, which will hopefully springboard the car for 2019.  A big thank you to Cameron at Racer Imports in getting this right.

Pines was a great finish to the year for the team with the car super consistent all weekend and not missing a beat – largely due to the efforts of Tim Collard who preps and maintains the car before and on race day.   The team managed to salute in the Prologue, short course and win the main race by just under 15 minutes which was a great way to kick-start the 2019 campaign.

Since the team’s Pines accident in 2015, SMU Racing changed to Mickey Thompsons and have finished the Teagle Excavation ARB Pines Enduro for a 1st, 2nd and 1st.  Something about those MTZ tyres that are getting the job done!

The challenge next year is to find that next 5-10% which all teams will be looking to find.  Our Ford 3.5 litre twin turbo Ecoboost continues to be developed and has delivered in spades, still running the same internals since debut in 2016.  Reliability, fuel efficiency and of course engine development by Shane Wilson being the key reasons for the success of this Direct Injection engine to date. Integral assistance from Xtreme DI,  AVR Performance and Quickbitz dyno have made this development path a successful one.

A massive thank you to our partners in 2019.  We have a very loyal group of partners and without them we cannot race at the highest level.

In no particular order….

Dutton Garage

Shane Wilson Competition Engines

Xtreme DI

Mickey Thompson Tyres Australia

Racer Imports

Albins Off Road gear

HJC Helmets (KT Autosport Australia)

AVR Performance


Dynamic Wheels and Tyres

Flexicut Engineering

Livid Lighting

Race Paint


It goes without saying that these partners provide products and services of the highest quality.  You cannot afford to take chances in our sport with next best, and we are proud to be partners, that are in our opinion, the best.

Lastly a massive thank you to the team during 2018, Tim, Shane, John, Nigel, Mark and Ray who have as always made massive contributions throughout the season.  It goes without saying this is a team sport and not for the faint hearted!

Looking forward to doing some races together with Justin Anderson in the #75 SMU Tatum net year. After some time out, there were some great building blocks put in place for a cracking year next year!

Wishing everybody a happy lead in to the silly season and fun in the sheds until next year!



Thanks to Brett Lehmann for cracking photos from Pines