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Season 2021 another interrupted season

Fingers crossed we get a start at Rainbow although one must say it is hopeful rather than likely looking at this from the outside. Pines after Rainbow would be nice as would Loveday and even a trip out west to race wth our brothers in WA….again hopeful more than likely.

In any event we are ready to go racing like the rest of the off road racers so should the green flag be waved, pardon the pun., we will be there…..

In the meantime a big thanks to Benny Hutt form BE Nutts Productions. Our fault he hardly had any footage from St George 2021 but nevertheless he has used what he could to the best of his ability which is good!

Enjoy and again a massive thanks to our partners who stand by us waiting to get a start!

Stay safe and hopefully see everybody at a race soon….now wouldn’t that be nice

SMU Racing ready for Season 2021

Well it looks like we will get a start of sorts for the 2021 Off Road Racing season. Whilst we will no doubt get uncertainty in the lead up that events may or may not go ahead, we hope to see some racing of sorts in 2021, unlike 2020 for those based in Victoria!

The team is looking forward to turning the wheels of the SMU Racing Jimco in anger at the Rainbow Rises 240 event to give the car and crew a short run before heading to the AORC opener in Queensland for the Cobb and Co St George 399 – just 11 days later.

Borders open, no quarantining, no new cases etc in the lead ups to these events will be the new norm for racing to go ahead but, after no racing last year, we can’t wait to hit the dirt!

The SMU Jimco sporting new shoes on trail for Rainbow the Mickey Thompson BAJA BOSS!

A massive welcome to official new sponsors supporting the team in 2021 Dutton Garage, Dutton One, Sellyourcarfast and Targa Australia – all businesses within the Dutton Group.

Dutton Garage in Richmond Victoria is internationally renowned for classic, collectable, luxury and super modern sports cars. Even for those just looking for a latte in the famous Dutton Cafe, looking at LaFerrari’s and 911s can be a nice way to spend the morning!

Dutton One outlets are now appearing all across Australia – 11 sites in total and growing. Pre owned prestige and luxury vehicles en masse so if you are looking for that BMW M3 or Range Rover for the kids, Dutton One is it.

Sellyourcarfast is the easiest no nonsense way to sell your car fast in hours at a great price. Sick of tyre kickers? Head to the website and literally you can have your car sold and cash received in 24 hours!

And for those who are sick of getting dirt in their eyes and looking for the next racing horizon, look no further than Targa – the ultimate in tarmac rallying. With the showcase event being Targa Tasmania being backed up with Targa High Country and Targa Great Barrier Reef to make up the Targa Australia Championship. These events cater for competitors and tourers alike (no helmet needed – just enter and roll up!) and are a must do for Bucket Listers. Those crossing over from off road will feel right at home with the flowing non lap format.

Thanks again to all of our partners that help get us to the start line at every event. Look forward to getting a good warm up at Rainbow before the fun begins in earnest at St George AORC1 ! Watch out for more updates as the days count down…..


Fingers crossed we have a start to AORC 2020

As the world enters unchartered waters with the outbreak of COVID 19, almost all aspects of every day life seems to have been affected. Every decision at every level looks to be made with the objective of slowing the rate of infection so that our national health system can respond in the best way possible.

And like most people trying to understand what parameters we will operate under, we will wait for a decision on the AORC opener at St George. Do we race as normal, race in ’empty stadiums’ ie with no spectators or the race at St George be cancelled? A myriad of questions and answers with so many possibilities – the decision tree goes off the page.

The SMU Racing team hopes that the race continues. We believe that with the correct hygiene protocols, the correct management of gatherings for the race (scruitineering, drivers briefings and presentation where it is unlikely gatherings of 200 would be exceeded in close proximity, and definitely not inside closed quarters) and an overall awareness by all with what we are dealing with in regard to its spread, that the hard work of the St George 399 Committee should allow the race to continue. Scrutineering, drivers briefings and presentation could all be modified so that minimum risk was achieved.

Not to mention the town of St George that could no doubt use some economic benefit of visitors after what could only be described as a disastrous start to 2020.

Hopefully Organisers in conjunction with Motorsport Australia can see these type pf events for what they are – two competitors inside a car over a long course track with spectators generally spread thinly over the course. We fully agree with the measures implemented to stop the immediate spread of this terrible virus but also acknowledge that the economic impact of shutting the country down could be potentially as detrimental as the virus itself in the long term.

And plus we really would like to go racing

Keep your eye out for more updates in what is hopefully the lead up to the the Cobb and Co Hotel St George 399.

SMU Merchandise for 2020 about to be released through Sportzprint. we are pretty happy with the final design….

Good luck to everybody, be smart and stay safe.

SMU Racing ready this weekend with HJC Hard hats on!

The 2020 season is fast approaching with SMU Racing locked in for the Rainbow Rises 240 this weekend, the Cobb & Co St George 399 and Tatts Finke Desert Race for the first three races of the year.  The car has undergone a massive off season as the SMU Jimco looks to hit the track fully pepped for the long season ahead.

The team are pumped to announce that HJC helmets are again partnering with the team for the 2020 season.  The team have been wearing HJC since the start of the 2003 season and have never looked back.  While the partnership became official in 2013, the team has been a big believer in the brand and always acknowledged that safety and comfort together were so crucial in Off Road racing and the main reason they are using HJC.

Driver Matt and Navigator Nigel will again be wearing the AR10-III HJC helmets with the orange tinted visors with these helmets being lightweight and extremely comfortable. 

Kris from KT Autosports and Australian HJC distributor said, “Keeping the team safe and comfortable in the AR10-IIIhelmets is paramount and the boys were thrilled with the performance of these helmets last year.  It was good see some other first time HJC Off Road purchasers in 2018/9 and give the great feedback that we received. For anyone who is looking at HJC Helmets, these are ideally designed for Off Road Racing.  You can make contact via Face book at KTautosports or contact me direct on 0448 568 570.  We have plenty of helmets in stock so you can try on the best style and size that fits.  You will feel the difference straight away” said Kris.

Team SMU will be away and racing this weekend and again be wearing HJC!

We cant wait…..

SMU Racing lit up by Teralume Industries for 2020

SMU Racing are proud to announce Teralume Industries as official lighting partner for the 2020 Australian Off-Road Championship Racing season.  

Driver Matt Hanson said,” We are excited to partner up with Teralume for the 2020 season and can’t wait to see the full range which has been in design and testing over the last six months.  For anyone who knows whether on the road or off the road out bush, precision lighting is key to getting there safely and, in our case, fast!”

“We have worked with Dan Lindley from Teralume Industries in a previous life and know that he is dedicated to providing premium products for customers that need the toughest and the best when off the road and importantly on the road when getting to where the fun begins.  We will be covered in Teralume from our F350 truck traveling around the country from Alice Springs to Kalgoorlie to Rainbow, to the race car with night vision and coloured LED bars to the trailer with loading lights it will be day time 24/7!”

Dan Lindley, Executive Director at Teralume industries, was looking forward to once again being personally involved with SMU Racing for 2020,” Launching a new product range at Teralume Industries and partnering with SMU Racing as they compete in the Australian Off-Road Championship, made a lot of sense for us.  We are proud of our new range and getting these lights out in the harshest off-road conditions our country presents is where we want to be.  Matt and the SMU Racing team are great ambassadors for Teralume and we can’t wait to be with the team at races including the Tatts Finke Desert race where the team are hoping to make an impact this year”

To see the full range of Teralume Industry products visit the website:

or Facebook at:

or Instagram at:


Happy New Year!

Happy Australia Day!

Getting closer now to the Off Road season starting in earnest for 2020!

The SMU Jimco has undergone a full race prep as the team look to compete in the AORC opener at St George QLD. The team will look for a small shakedown before the April St G kick off with a few different options being considered. 10 weeks and counting, keep tuning in and watch the team as the clock ticks down before we all break dirt in Qld!!

Every new Beginning come from some other Beginning’s end

After an incredibly disappointing season 2019 has ended on a high note with the SMU Racing team taking out the Can-Am Loveday 350.  The SMU Jimco ran faultlessly all day with the new injectors from Xtreme DI doing their job inside the Shane Wilson Competitions Engine’s Ford 3.5 Twin turbo Eco boost which was doing it’s job shovelling out some Loveday dirt over the weekend……

In what was Timmy Collard’s final preparation of the SMU Jimco, being with the team since 2013, the car did not miss a beat with the race proving a valuable testing exercise on a number of modifications made to the car since last racing at Pines 2018.  Credit to Tim on a great final prep and a good note to send him out on.

The team look forward with anticipation to season 2020 with a largely unchanged car and a package that the team hope will be reliable now that final changes to the driveline have been tested.  We are hoping for big things in 2020 with planning and preparations well under way.

A massive thank you to our Partners for 2019 with lots of big races planned and booked for 2020.

Thank you

Dutton Garage

Shane Wilson Competition Engines

Mickey Thompson Tyres Australia

Racer Imports

Albins Off Road gear

HJC Helmets (KT Autosport Australia)


Xtreme DI

AVR Performance

Dynamic Wheels and Tyres

Q Metal Solutions

Flexicut Engineering

Livid Lighting

Race Paint


Keep an eye on our website, facebook and Instagram pages as we keep updating as we look to the first outing for 2020, at this stage planned for March.

In the meantime stay safe over the holiday season and see you in the new year!


Photo credits JS Motorpsort Photography and Tony Donoghue Photography

Loveday 350 2019

The SMU Racing team is looking forward to racing at the Loveday 350 this weekend. Finally we get to the start line for 2019!

We have now put our fuel injector issues behind us and it will be good to race for the first time this year. A big thanks to Shane Wilson, Xtreme DI, AVR Performance, Quickbitz, Tim Collard and Nigel Pendlebury for all their help in getting to the Quickbitz hub dyno which gives has given the big green light for this weekend

Fair to say we have heaps of race fuel and tyres so looking forward to this all evaporating come the flag drop at Loveday on Saturday.

A massive Thank you to our Partners for sticking ‘fat’ with us this season in what has been a trying year and we are looking forward at having a proper ‘crack’ for the 2020 year!

• Dutton Garage
• Shane Wilson Competition engines
• Racer Imports
• Mickey Thompson Tyres
• HJC Helmets
• Albins
• Xtreme DI
• Quickbitz
• Flexicut Engineering
• AVR Performance
• Dynamic Wheel and Tyres
• Livid Lighting
• Q metal Solutions
• Jimco

For those going to Loveday this weekend, safe travels and see you there!  Some cool announcements expected for the 2020 season so in the mean time…..